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Challenge yourself or spice up a game of Ken with the marvelous Dama Dice!

Experience new trick combinations and step out of your comfort zone with our fun everlasting game.

Designed and manufactured by Ole Bohl & Aviram Lugassi.


Dama Dice Rules

1. The owner of the dices starts, rolls first and has the first try to set a trick.

2. One try each to set a trick clockwise, 3 tries to cancel a set trick.

3. Who didnt cancel the trick gets a letter (K-E-N), 3 letters to lose.

4. The trick must include the two rolled tricks on the dice. No matter if in a single trick or longer combo with different tricks.

5. Everyone tries to set a trick with the diced combination until someone sets a trick and rolls the dice again. You dont have to try the same trick in every round. After ~10 rounds without a trick being laced, roll the Dice again.

6. Be creative, get out of your comfort zone and have fun

  • lieferzeit 1-3 werktage

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