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sligo, irland

irish beer tastes best in ireland

November 2014

von Andre Spee

The Mullaghmore peninsula is a magical place. It is where a couple of times a year all the power of the sea hits the shallow reefs of the Mullaghmore coastline and produces powerful barrels up to 30 feet. If swell and wind direction suit perfectly, it can get as good as just a few places in the world. For sure it is for Experts and Kamikazes only. But its fun to watch it.
The most unique thing on the place is the stunning view from the green cliffs of Mullaghmore right in front of the tubular righthander where the action happens.
If you park your car at Mullaghmore harbour you can go for a walk all around the peninsula, just next to the cliffs, feeling the magic of the place all time. Even if there are absolutely no waves the picturesque countryside, the vibes and rough nature makes you feel far away from all your daily troubles. It is mind-blowing and recharges you completely.
If you finish your walk, which takes you around 90 Minutes, you head back to the harbour where you find the sheltered pier with a couple of houses. One of them is the oldest and most traditional pub of the little village. It is just right of the PIER HEAD Hotel, in a grey old irish House without any sign on it. If you enter the pub you are overwhelmed by the spooky, irish pub atmosphere and you directly recognize, that this place is not only a magnet for stories but also rich in history.

So it is compulsory for you to pull in and to have the one and only irish national drink: For sure you need to order a pint of Guiness!
Keep calm and inhale the vibes of the place and enjoy the setting and the atmosphere.
Especially if there is typical irish rainy weather outside, it is a great place to sit in the warm and to watch the harbour entry!
Go for it – a good thing to do if there are no waves around. It will pay off :).



Sligo Irland

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